Mercedes 280 SL

Some friends of the family had been storing a 1970 Mercedes Benz 280SL in a warehouse in Oklahoma for 20 years when they decided to send it out to us in California to sell.

We stored the car for awhile. After careful consideration, we decided it was a good candidate for restoration because of its condition and low mileage. After stripping the car to bare metal we could see that it had never been in an accident and had an incredible body with the original markings from the factory.

Originally, we only planned to perform a cosmetic restoration, meaning we would only restore the body, chrome, and interior. Sometimes we can get away with this if the car is in such good condition that everything still works properly, is well preserved, and has low mileage. The only thing is, here at Sacio Enterprises, beginning with the restoration of 300 SL Gullwings and Roadsters, it has always been our practice to go all the way and restore the cars perfectly. It has to be all or nothing.

So with that said, we had Fidel, our famous upholstery expert who has done work on a lot of our Jags, Ferraris, and Mercedes, determine our interior. He said it was good but the seats were tired because of simple aging. We opted to put new inserts in the seats along with new leather.

Next we looked behind the door panels. Everything was in perfect condition. The components were new and looked as nice as they did when the vehicle left the factory. The wood was in really good shape and with a little help looked fantastic. All the aluminum and chrome on the scuff plates were replaced with new pieces. We wanted to make sure this car looked as good as or better than it originally did on the showroom floor.

We pulled the engine so we could fully detail it as well as the engine compartment. The engine was in decent condition and looked untouched with its original markings along with its correct cad plating on the injector lines. Of course the suspension was dirty, so we removed it and cleaned it up for paint and detail. Upon cleaning and examination we found all the original markings from the factory on the Bilstein shocks as well as the rear end. Wow! The further we got into the restoration the more we realized this car was a beautiful example of an original 280SL.

The vehicle was then refinished in the original DB180 silver paint. Next we put in a black interior; an original and rare interior/exterior color combination. The undercarriage was restored to its original look as well; the lines and the gas tank were painted and cad plated. The seam sealer and undercoating had just enough overspray on them to make them look just like they did when this Mercedes Benz left the factory.

This 1970, Mercedes Benz 280SL is currently owned by Javier Sacio, Owner/Operator of Sacio Enterprises, Inc.