Ford Coupe 1940 Hot Rod

There have been many great Hot Rods from past to present, but now there is VooDo 40, an automobile of incomparable quality, modern thought, and creativity. Brand new technology and a redone body give this 1940 Ford a unique look, excellent performance, and wonderful drivability. It was built by Ray’s Fabrication and Development whose 30 year background and reputation for exceptional road and race cars has left no detail unfinished. The motor used in VooDo is a Nissan SEMA turbo charged engine which is not available in any production vehicle in the United States. It was built to current specifications and installed by Jim Wolf Technologies. This powerful engine has dual overhead cams, four valves per cylinder, and twin throttle bodies. It produces 365 horse power on 92 octane pump gas and a thunderous 465 horse power with racing gasoline and a small boost adjustment. Unlike any other Hot Rod, this motor will give you 20 miles per gallon on a leisurely cruise and above all is extremely reliable.

A four speed Nissan automatic transmission from a 300ZX has been strengthened to capably handle VooDo’s power. It is combined with a 9-1/2 inch heavy duty limited slip differential from a Pathfinder. Coil over suspension in the front and standard springs and shocks in the rear allow for a smooth ride while maintaining excellent control and handling. Four wheel disc brakes were installed and have been recently upgraded for even more stopping power. Weld wheels and BF Goodrich tires complete the package which gives VooDo its refined road manners. The interior of VooDo was outfitted to carry on the theme, detail, and personality that defines the essence of this special Hot Rod. One touch power windows, air conditioning, stereo system, and a modern console add practicality and functionality to its driving experience. Throughout all of the modifications, it still contains its original dash and overall original interior design. This 1940 Ford Coupe is definitely a unique Hot Rod. Sacio Enterprises feels privileged to add this 1940 Ford Hot Rod to our list of custom restorations.