The Team

See some of our adventures around the world.

This team was formed and funded in California to compete in International Rallies and Raids, and has had various successes, notably winning the 1988 TransAmazon (one car entry; 7,000 miles from Colombia to Argentina) , the ESSO South American Rally of 1990 (three entries: 1st and 4th overall; 10,000 miles through 4 countries), and many other races from 1988 to present.


Javier Daniel Sacio

Javier Daniel Sacio, age 36, from La Jolla, California. Numerous off-road and rallies in Califor- nia, and in 1988 he went international, entering and winning the TransAmazon Rally (the only 2WD to finish the grueling event). Winner of class 7, 4WD in the ESSO Rally 1990. Last entry was the CORR Championship Racing Series where he has been progressing all year managing to finish in the top 10. This was his first year in CORR racing.


John Ray

John Ray, owner of John Ray’s Fabrication and Development, handles the building and prepa- ration of the race truck at his shop in El Cajon, California. With is over 14 years experience in the development of off-road trucks, the Sacio Racing Team is sure to have the best equipment to head for the Championships in the years to come.


Kevin Burderson

Kevin Bundersan, owner of Bunders


Steve Maxwell & Dave Rebello

With over 20 years experience in Racing Engine Development, Steve has fabricated both the exhaust and intake systems for our trucks. He is definitely among the best tuners in the coun- try.
Dave brings a wealth of knowledge to building Nissan engines. He has been in business for over 20 years and specializes in small bore development.


Alberto Alvares Calderon

Alberto, who brings a wealth of knowledge to the team, is a leading Aero Space Engineer & De- signer whose expertises lies in weight distribution, composite material, and structural design. He has had many achievements under his belt- one of the designers for America’s Cup Boat under Dennis Connors, and worked on a 2004 un-manned Mars craft, to list a few. We are very excited to have him on board our team.

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